Climate Change Knowledge Management System

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Uganda's Climate Change Knowledge Management System.

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Uganda's Climate Change Knowledge Management System

About the Knowledge Management System (KMS)

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges affecting the world today. As the world’s climate changes and continues to change at rates unprecedented in recent human history, it is true that the impacts and risks related with these changes are existent.

Also in Uganda these changes are already influencing many systems essential for human livelihood, including water resources, food security and health. This causes a great challenge for sustainability of life, ecosystems, livelihoods and indeed the development of the economy in Uganda. Accordingly, there is need to adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change as well as to facilitate the development of techniques that can assist increase resilience to the climate change impacts. The KMS is made up of different Applications aimed to supporting adaptation, mitigation and Outreach efforts.

This Climate Change KMS is made up of;

  •  Live Webinars
  •  An E-Learning Portal
  •  Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs
  •  Climate Change Wiki
  •  A Digital Repository


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